Over the Counter Acne Solutions

Luckily all people do not suffer from the severest form of acne, i.e. Cystic Acne. For some people acne problems are mild and occasional. It is a fact, that everyone cannot have smooth and flawless skin.  Therefore, there is no need to go to a dermatologist, a medical practitioner or a skin care experts, if there are just a few pimples on the skin surface. These pustules are mainly formed because that particular area of the skin is not being cleaned properly or because of mild hormonal fluctuation, which should not be cause of worry.

Acne is such a popular problem, that it has given a birth to big industries and organizations specializing in the manufacture of drugs for acne related problems and even the advanced stages of acne such as cystic acne. Many over the counter solutions are available for mild acne problems. These medicines generally comprise creams, balms or lotions which must be externally applied on the acne affected skin.

The external medications basically help in taking away the extra oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin, kill the dead cells, and kill the bacteria present on the skin surface. Therefore, helping reduce the acne, and suppressing the present pustules and drying up the pimples. If the problem is very mild, e.g. only 2 or 3 pimples, then, these treatments are more than enough for curing the problem of acne.

However, the severe forms of acne like Cystic Acne cannot be cured by such medicines, and if the skin is too sensitive, or infection prone, than it might also have side effects. Using of the wrong medicine on the cysts, can further increase the severity of the problem and thus make it very difficult for the skin experts or the dermatologists to cure. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a dermatologist be consulted when treating Cystic Acne.