Hormonal Changes – The Prime Cause?

Dermatologists and Skin care Experts believe that the prime cause of formation of cysts and painful pus filled pustules, popularly referred to cystic acne, are the hormonal changes which occur in the human body. These can occur at any time in the body of an individual due to any reason whatsoever. Women generally suffer from the problem of cystic acne, after pregnancy or during the menstrual cycle.

This happens because; this is the period in which most of the hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. In some cases, it becomes extremely difficult the treat, as no kind of medicine or treatment has effect, because of the constant hormonal changes in the body. Whenever the infection is cleaned by the treatment, and the pus filled pimples are suppressed, the hormonal changes cause more acne to develop and the cycle goes on, i.e. make the infection last longer.

Skin Care experts and Dermatologist also do not want to use excessive medications for the treatment, because if heavy dozes of medicines are used, than the skin would tend to become immune to the particular medicine or treatment, and future acne problems would not be treated properly.

Many drugs and medicines cannot be used by women at the stage of pregnancy. For e.g. doctors do not allow any form of treatment which includes Accutane. Other methods of treatment may be adopted by pregnant women. It has been observed over the period, that Accutane may be the cause of birth defects in the baby. Also, breast feeding women should not opt for treatments that need Accutane. Whenever the case is too server, i.e. the cysts and pimples get swollen too much or become too painful, it is better to take the advice of a experienced medical practitioner and go for professional treatment, and not “over the counter” solutions.