Herbal treatment of Cystic Acne

Acne can be treated a multitude of ways. Some people don’t like the idea of going to see a dermatologist, especially during the initial stages of a breakout or when it is not severe. Instead, they opt for a home remedy or herbal medications to treat it. Acne, in its mildest form, is very common and can effectively be treated fairly quickly and easily. The benefit of using herbal medicines and products for the treatment of acne is that, even if there are no positive signs (reductions in the number and scope of pimples on the surface of the skin), the side-effects, such as redness, are minimized.

Acne balms and creams can be made at home. These homemade remedies help to remove excess oil and kill bacteria present on the surface of the skin. If made and applied properly, these homemade healing techniques possess the ability to reduce the severity of a cystic acne infection. Herbs like Calendula, tea leaves, and green colored dried tea leaves, are used to treat acne of all types. These herbs can be mixed with medicines to create creams and ointments that will help soothe the skin, get rid of excess oil and provide an adequate amount of moisture.

Aloe Vera extracts are often mixed with dried green tea leaves to create mixtures that will both purify and cool the skin. Dermatologists and skin experts advise that people use gels which contain Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. After an acne infection has been treated, the skin pores are left open, inviting more infection and dirt. Herbs can help refresh the skin, and protect it from further infections. For those not interested in creating Aloe Vera and green tea acne-fighting blends at home, there are many products available for purchase that are green tea and Aloe Vera based.

Though homemade remedies can sometimes be very effective in treating acne, if an individual’s case it too severe, a dermatologist or a skin care expert might need to be consulted. This will definitely be true prior to a person beginning any type of prescription, medication regimen.