cystic acne home remedy

Cystic Acne Home Remedy

Do you suffer from cystic acne? Anyone who suffers from this terrible disease knows how difficult it can be to deal with on a daily basis. It is definitely not something that you want all over your face and back. Therefore, you will want to begin finding a suitable cystic acne home remedy to get rid of the blemishes once and for all.

1. Habitual Washing

When it comes down to it, acne is caused by the build-up of dirt within the skin pores. In order to remove that dirt, you need to wash your face. Therefore, it is a very good idea to create a routine of washing your face at least four to five times a day. It is recommended that you do so using a water-soluble cleanser that is very gentle on your skin. Be sure to avoid harsh cleaners.

2. Changing Diet

Whether or not you know it, it could very well be your diet that is causing your acne. There are a few tips to take into consideration to try and fight off the acne. While the effectiveness might vary from individual to individual, it is a good idea to begin consuming a low-glycemic diet and always avoid dairy. On the other hand, you should always stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Reducing Stress

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Although it is not widely known, stress can actually cause acne to grow worse. While this is generally more frequently with men, it is also believed to be true for women as well. Therefore, you should begin trying to avoid stress. You can also begin an exercise routine to help deal with it. Walking at least thirty minutes a day is a good way to overcome stress.

4. Treating with Baking Soda

Many experts recommend creating a mixture using baking soda and sea salt. By mixing the two together with water, it is possible to create a paste-like substance. You should apply this to the cystic acne and repeat the process several times a day. Be sure to wash the paste off of the face, within a few minutes.

5. Vinegar Treatment

If you have some apple cider vinegar, you might already have the cystic acne treatment you’re looking for. This liquid is capable of stabilizing the pH levels of your skin. Therefore, you should use a cloth to apply a small amount of the vinegar to your affected areas. Leave the chemical on your face for a few hours, before washing it off.

6. Egg White

Many people who suffer from this problem have found success, by treating it with egg white. Separate the white from the yellow using two eggs. Place this on the skin and allow it to sit for approximately five to eight minutes, before washing your face.

7. Coconut Oil

Many people find success in using coconut oil as a cystic acne treatment. The oil is capable of hydrating the face, while removing bacteria from the infected areas. This combination makes it an effect way to treat cystic acne from home.