Cystic Acne and Skin Types

Cystic acne is an infection of the skin characterized by pus filled pustules and cysts which appear on the face and back. It is amongst the worst type of acne because it is especially unattractive and difficult to treat.

The pus filled pimples or pustules, characteristic of cystic acne are generally 5 millimeters or greater in size. Aside from the pus filled pustules, the skin is often red, and itchy. To relieve the itching, people will often prick and scratch the skin which only serves to worsen the infection, and cause dark and ugly scars to develop.

Skin types vary. Therefore, an acne medication or regimen which works like a charm for one person may not be suitable for another person, and vice versa. To prevent and/or remedy acne problems, skin should always be kept clean, and any infected areas, left untouched.

Home remedies can be really effective if a breakout or infection is not too bad. If however, an acne problem becomes severe, a dermatologist may need to be consulted. Proper medical treatment is important in order to keep the infection under control, and to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the skin. It is also important that those seeking professional treatment, inform their doctor of any skin allergies, if they have any. This will help him or her prescribe the right medication and/or regimen.