Advance Equipments for Treatment of Acne

The treatment of any form of acne, whether cystic or otherwise, is based on studies and the successful efforts of doctors willing to share the regimens they have developed to treat their patients. Unfortunately, there is no sure shot treatment for cystic acne. This is partly because every person is different. Skin sensitivity, texture, and other qualities vary. Hence, there is no universal method or one that will equally help all sufferers. There are, however, a few things that all cystic acne sufferers should do (or not do), i.e. keeping their face clean and not pricking or squeezing the pustules, etc.

Science and technology advancements have led to many new and improved ways to treat cystic acne and acne in general. Most treatments initially require that an individual apply external medication. If the acne doesn’t respond or improve, other forms of treatment will likely be resorted to.

Most external medications are applied directly to the skin. They help clean up the infection and also take away the extra oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous oil glands. As a result, pimples begin to shrink and the pus filled pustule, start to dry outs.

It is after this initial stage that the various forms of treatment are resorted to. A dermatologist or skin care expert will inspect the skin in an effort to determine whether or not the prescribed, external medication was effective in treating the acne. Based on their findings, they will create a customized plan of action for their patient. This is necessary because as mentioned above, there are no hard and fast rules for successfully treating cystic acne. Various equipment, for instance, laser arrows can be used to kill infected cells and close, opened pores. This helps get rid of the blackheads, while preventing the formation of new infections and/or clogged pores.